Job Assistance

We can not guarantee you a job and those who say that they give 100% job security are definitely lying. Unlike others we do what we are best at, i.e. make you job ready. Even though we can not guarantee you a job but we have a record of 100% job placement. The one and only reason for such a high success ratio is that we work on the weak points of our students and let them know how they can make improvement to get the desired result.

In the recent time we have given job assistance to hundreds of students and one thing that was common in most of them was that despite having plentiful of knowledge they are not able to express it . Words they utter do not make any sense. That when we realized that along with subject knowledge, communication also has an important part to play. After some grooming and number of mock interviews we found that same student can do great in the interviews.

Therefore we at PTInstitute focus on overall growth of an individual and that is the reason we have such a high success ratio.



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