Placement Record

Placement Record till now

We at Professional Training Institute are committed to provide placement to all our student. Our dedicated HR Team is working continuously with the various companies to get requirement are share with student. We are able to place our all our student into various companies including Top MNC to startup companies. The major sector which are providing the in the market currently are Automobile, IOT, Power, Telecom, Automation, Telematics, Medicals.
How placement work in PTI: At PTI we are continuously approaching to the companies and sharing the information about the trained candidate available with us, and companies are contacting us as and when they have requirements. Apart from above, many companies are already know knowledge level of our student, so they directly approaching us for placement. Our core strength is our teaching method. We are highly focusing on practical and hands on learning. It will enable our student to stand apart from any other job candidates in competition. In past our students are able to get clear many tough competition. Have a look our google review for better understanding.
Placement Philosophy: Help our student until they get job.

How Placements Work?

Placement Policy: Our 10 points placement policy, please read and understand.
1) We provide placement assistance to all our student, until they get job.
2) Student can keep associate with us , and we will share the job opening with student as and when we are getting job opening.
3) We provide placement assistance to all our student.
4) We provide the resume preparation support, mock interview, soft skill, interview etiquette, important questions, to the student before they appear in interview.
5) This is not a placement Guaranty training instead it is knowledge guaranty training. We ensure each and every student are learning.
6) Each student need to maintain 90% + attendance to attend placement drive from our institute.
7) We are having Single placement policy. Once student offer from any company then we stop placement form him/her. Even student join or not that is student choice.
8) In Industries we have new trends of bond or marks sheet submission for the candidate for 1 year/2 years/3 years. This trends are growing at the rapid rate. Now almost 60-70% companies are asking for bond or mark sheet submission at the time of joining. So as a fresh candidate weshould be read to understand the market demands and flexible with trends.
9) Those student who are very selective and not appearing in the placement drive provided by our placement team, they will get limited 10 placement drive only.
10) During training each need to finish at-least 3-5 projects before they appear for placement drive. Here are the List of the companies, where either our students are working/ or companies had send usrequirement for placement through mails. We had arranged companies in newest first order.

PTI students working / Placement companies

16/03/2020Elpro Energy Dimensions Pvt LtdSmiley face
16/03/2020Symmetric Technologies Pvt LtdSmiley face
16/03/2020 Global edge softwareSmiley face
12/03/2020Lekha Wireless SolutionsSmiley face
12/03/2020Element6 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Smiley face
12/03/2020Zumi SolutionsSmiley face
11/03/2020Nexsemi SystemsSmiley face
11/03/2020Embtech InnovaSmiley face
02/03/2020 TenettechnetronicsSmiley face
02/03/2020 Mirafra TechnologiesSmiley face
01/03/2020GL CommunicationsSmiley face
28/02/2020 MphasisSmiley face
27/02/2020 Cellcomm Solutions LtdSmiley face
26/02/2020SenpronicsSmiley face
DateSparr Electronics LimitedSmiley face
17/02/2020Integrated Systems ControlsSmiley face
14/02/2020TechnosphereSmiley face
13/02/2020DxMinds TechnologiesSmiley face
12/02/2020Microwatt Energy Systems Smiley face
12/02/2020PI Square techSmiley face
10/02/2020Data TemplatesSmiley face
10/02/2020Abhisar technology solutions pvt ltdSmiley face
10/02/2020SANAVASmiley face
06/02/2020Technoculture Research & VV BiotechSmiley face
30/01/2020Accord InnovationsSmiley face
30/01/2020Park Controls & CommunicationsSmiley face
29/01/2020CADDMAX SOLUTIONS PVT LTDSmiley face
29/01/2020Quantum Power SystemsSmiley face
27/01/2020DexcelSmiley face
27/01/2020Unizen TechnologiesSmiley face
24/01/2020PROLIANT INFOTECH PVT.LTDSmiley face
23/01/2020UTTHUNGA TECHNOLOGIESSmiley face
20/01/2020KNOWXINNOVATION PVT.LTDSmiley face
20/01/2020Zetamp Energy Solutions Pvt. LtdSmiley face
15/01/2020Dexcel DesignsSmiley face
14/1/2020AK AerotekSmiley face
14/1/2020Trident InfosolSmiley face
13/01/2020Atria Logic pvt ltdSmiley face
11/01/2020AVIN SYSTEMSSmiley face
10/01/2020Kemsys technologies pvt ltdSmiley face
26/12/2019TecleverSmiley face
26/12/2019Srujan InfotechSmiley face
12/10/2019IMETRIC TECHSmiley face
22/03/2018Riosh TechnologiesSmiley face
22/03/2018Inteva ProductsSmiley face
22/03/2018 Processware SystemsSmiley face
22/03/2018Aislyn Technologies Pvt LtdSmiley face
22/03/2018Caliber Interconnect SolutionsSmiley face
22/03/2018Mando CorporationSmiley face
22/03/2018Zettaone Technologies India Pvt LtdSmiley face
22/03/2018Tata ElxsiSmiley face
22/03/2018Novatech RoboSmiley face
22/03/2018PAQSSmiley face
22/03/2018Innovative Systems and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Smiley face
22/03/2018Xemotive Energy Pvt. LtdSmiley face
22/03/2018 L&T Technology ServicesSmiley face
22/03/2018Cardiac Design Labs Pvt LtdSmiley face
22/03/2018Robert Bosch GmbHSmiley face
22/03/2018Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & ResearchSmiley face
22/03/2018Proliant, Inc.Smiley face
22/03/2018Esskay – Industrial Electronic Repairs & ServicesSmiley face
22/03/2018Unizen Technologies Private LimitedSmiley face
22/03/2018Tek-Hummingbird Pvt. Ltd.Smiley face
22/03/2018GL Communications India Pvt. Ltd.Smiley face
22/03/2018Knowx Innovations Private Limited..Smiley face
22/03/2018Dishi Systems Pvt LtdSmiley face
22/03/2018votarytechSmiley face
22/03/2018Sparr Electronics Limited.Smiley face


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