Evolutionary Trends in Embedded System Design

Evolutionary Trends in Embedded System Design

Evolutionary Trends in Embedded System Design

In every day of our life, we will meet with a lot of embedded system devices. It can be either a cell phone, a smart card, a music player, a router or the electronics in the automotive _ all these devices touching and changing our lives like never before. If someone asks us to explain about embedded systems we can answer them like, it is a combination of computer hardware, software and other supporting technical components with all which is designed to perform a dedicated task.

Recent Trends in Embedded Systems:

The below given are the trends in embedded systems.

Multi-core Processors :

For quite a long time we are familiar and using widespread 8-bit controllers for powering a lot of embedded applications. Like in automotive, home appliances, etc. For the better or higher the performance we can upgrade to 16-bit controllers or 32-bit controllers to use in cell phone and media players.
By the evolution o the micro-controllers from 8bit to 32bit, there were no challenges or programming changes in the architecture of controllers. But it is a challenge when a transition to a multi-threaded architecture. So multi-core programming requires a change in embedded applications. Like, developers need to change systems architecture, design, debugging, testing to get the best from these systems.

Wireless :

In the embedded systems industry, embedded devices were operating as stand-alone systems. But by the invention of wireless connectivity, the scenario got changed. We are connecting the devices with wireless protocols to transmit and receive data. For this purpose we are using short-range protocols like Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, etc. and long-range protocols like Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN), WiMAX, long-term evolution(LTE)Etc.

SoC Architectures :

SoC architecture means a system on chip architecture. For the low-cost applications device, there are a lot of developments are happening in the architecture of wireless devices. For this good improvement are happening in this direction are the integration of microcontrollers with radio modem in 64 pin configuration microcontrollers. Similar devices are available in the respective market also.

Power Consumption :

Another main change researchers want in this field is to reduce the power consumption. For that, they are looking forward to making the device, which should remain in sleep mode when it is not doing anything. That means when the in the “sense and transmit” the sensing will be scheduled. So whenever the device wants to sense then only it becomes active. Rest of the time (for more than 99% of the time)it can go under sleep mode. This period current consumption will be 1-2microA.

Increased Use of Open Source Technology :

In older days, the embedded system was employed with hardware, software, communication protocols and their own built operating systems for their development. Because the payment for the license of operating systems is high.
But now the scenario is changing, we are able to get operating systems freely. Free in the sense of there are a lot of open sources operating systems are coming so we can use it for our product development. For example Embedded Linux. Embedded Linux licensed and a free version still remains a good choice for a lot of developers.

Security :

As the increase in the world of interconnected the security also became a problem for embedded devices. Now everything we are doing with the ease of internet only so all the required data we are sharing on the internet and related devices. The security requirements depend on memory, its middleware, and low computing power. Embedded security is the new important matter among embedded devices. The improvement in the field of embedded security will matter on embedded encryption, trusted computing, cryptology, authentication.

Smart Devices :

When we hear the “smart first thing ” we will remember smartphones. Nowadays we can do all our works on mobile. Machine to machine communication(m2m) has been used for the remote applications. Now we are using the machine to machine communication for the new applications with the help of IOT, where communication between the devices is on the internet only. Most of this kind of applications are happening on mobile based products only.

Our Embedded Training Institute in Bangalore :

So the topics what we have explained or discussed here are already have implemented on the design of firmware development, hardware, marketing of the embedded devices. There are lot researchers are working on all of these concepts to give much better n better results for the coming future. So, students who are looking for a career in the embedded systems field, they can build a bright future in this field. Embedded systems industry have a lot of other industries or in all most every industry we can give a touch of embedded systems. There are a lot of embedded systems training institutes in Bangalore or other cities of India. To find out best-embedded systems courses from fields is depends on your interest in the same. We Professional training institute giving industrial technology-oriented embedded training program in Bangalore. We giving a free career development counseling for those who are interested in this field.

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How Much Does an Embedded Systems Engineer Make?

How much does an embedded systems engineer make

How Much Does an Embedded Systems Engineer Make?

This is a little subjective topic, we can’t have a general formula to find the salary. For example, two candidates join in the same company on the same salary but after a year it will depend upon how an individual is working into the organization and it is confidential matter also.
I will introduce my self so that you can understand how I got the knowledge which I am discussing here. I am Yogesh Kumar Sharma having 15+ years of experience in embedded system development. Currently running a practical based embedded training institute in Bangalore which is a Professional Training Institute. Before starting training institute I was working as Deputy Manager in one of Big MNC. I got an opportunity to take interview of many experience candidates, freshers, that company was also recruiting from NIT, and IIT and I was a recruitment manager in that company.
Okay enough of me, come to point now…
I had seen a candidate is having 4.5 years of experience and he was having a salary around 9.00 LPA and he was working in Toshixx, I know one candidate who was working in Tata Powxx for 9 years and having the salary of around 15 LPA, I know the fresher who is having salary of around 6.5 LPA. (i know many such peoples) etc. I can easily say that Embedded candidate salary is very high. All these candidates are from normal private engineering colleges. This is the bright side of the embedded system, only knowledge matter here.
But one fine the day I meet Mr. Venkatesh. he was having around 10 years of experience (as he told me) but he doesn’t have a job, and he was looking for the job, and he is ready to work for a very low salary like 10k per months. I thought I will hire him in my company, but he not able to answer any questions, then I understand why he is struggling in life. So I guide all students to learn the embedded system through embedded systems training institutes in Bangalore which are provided with practical training as well as how to answer interview questions.
So friends Embedded having very promising salary, very attractive career, very safe job. Future in the embedded system is also safe as many devices are still running manually, so all those devices. you read our other post where I had mentioned about future scope of the embedded system.
At last, I will say the embedded system is a very promising field if you have good knowledge. In Our Professional Training Institute, we focus on each and every student, and we ensure they are learning the concepts. So come and explore the possibility.

Introduction to Embedded System Basics and Applications

Introduction to Embedded System Basics and Applications

Introduction to Embedded System Basics and Applications:

An embedded system is just like a computer system which is mainly designed to perform some particular tasks like to control the data in different electronics-based systems, to access the data, process, and to store the data. Embedded systems are the hardware and software combinations, these systems are designed to do some specific tasks. The most important feature of the embedded system is it regenerates the output within very less time limit. In our day to day life, we will come across many embedded systems.
The main applications of embedded systems which come across are like a TV remote control, microwave, home security, calculators, and neighborhood traffic control systems, washing machine and many more. If you want to be an expert in the embedded system then join the best Embedded training institute in Bangalore, where you can get to know the importance of the embedded system.
best embedded training institute in Bangalore
The embedded system hardware is assembled with the Microcontroller and microprocessors and they use hardware system to perform the operations. The components of embedded systems are input devices like sensors, output devices, memory, the display unit, and user interfaces.
The embedded system consisting of hardware and software both, below figure shows the basic block diagram of the embedded system.
best embedded training institute in Bangalore
The embedded system hardware is assembled with the Microcontroller and microprocessors and they use hardware system to perform the operations. The components of embedded systems are input devices like sensors, output devices, memory, a display unit, and user interfaces.
The embedded system consisting of hardware and software both, below figure shows the basic block diagram of the embedded system.
So embedded system have very good future and who want to start their carrier in embedded field, it’s a good decision, and now day’s we get many embedded training institutes in Bangalore, so you can select the Professional Training Institute, Where you will get the very good knowledge of the embedded system.

Embedded System Hardware:

The main components of the embedded system are
  • Power supply.
  • Processors
  • Timers.
  • Memory.
  • Input and output circuits.
  • System application specific circuit.
  • Parallel communication ports.
  • Serial communication ports.

Embedded system software:

To execute any particular operation we write the software for the embedded device, it is generally written in a high-level format and then it is compiled down in order to offer the code which can be stuck within a non-volatile memory in the hardware. An embedded system software is proposed to have in view of the following three parameters.
  • Accessibility of processor’s speed
  • When the embedded system runs continually, there is a requirement to limit power dissipation for activities like run, stop and wake up.
  • The convenience of system memory.

Characteristics of Embedded systems:

The embedded systems are designed to do some specific task and it does similar operation continually.
  • All the systems have boundaries on design metrics, but those can be obtained. Design metric is a portion of an execution features like size, cost, power and also performance and the embedded system meets all design constraints.
  • The embedded systems continually react to variations in the system and them also calculate specific results in real time without any delay
  • It performs operation very fast enough and so it consumes less power that can increase battery life.
  • An Embedded system is integrated with hardware and software where the hardware is used for a security and performance and Software is used for more features and flexibility.
  • The embedded system is based on a microcontroller or microprocessor.
  • Embedded system contains memory, as its software normally inserts in ROM.so system does not need any secondary memories in the PC.
  • To connect input & output devices the embedded system consist of peripherals.

Applications of embedded systems:

Embedded systems are used in almost all fields like Home automation, automotive, automobile, agriculture, and defense etc.
  • Embedded Systems in digital consumer electronics include DVDs, set-top boxes, high definition TVs and digital cameras.
  • Embedded Systems also used in satellites and missiles contain defense, communication, and aerospace.
  • Embedded systems are used in telecommunications which include mobile computing, networking, and wireless communications, etc.
  • Embedded systems applications in computer networking & peripherals contain image processing, networking systems, printers, network cards, monitors and displays.

Get to know more about Embedded system with Professional Training Institute.

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Best Certification Courses in Embedded Systems and IOT

embedded systems training in bangalore

Best Certification Courses in Embedded Systems and IOT Training

The word Embedded means fix (an object) firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass. So in the same way in electronics, we fixing or adding software and hardware in one system.
Embedded systems are one of the fastest growing fields in the current world. Everything around us is growing into automation. So the scope for this field is also high. So students who are good at embedded systems skills set can have a bright future in their career. Now it comes to the importance of the embedded systems courses.
There are a lot of different embedded systems courses we can find out in today’s market. Depending upon companies requirements in this field students should get trained. There are a lot of different embedded systems courses in Bangalore and other cities in India. Here we are going to discuss some different courses in embedded systems.

Embedded Systems Training – Intermediate:

This course is mainly looking for fresher who are looking for a career in the embedded system field. There are a lot of institutes giving embedded systems training in Bangalore and other cities in India in intermediate level training. All the thing we have to check is their syllabus and hands-on practice in programming and projects.

Intermediate level training usually will include,

  • C/Embedded C,
  • Data structures programming,
  • Microcontroller programming,
  • Linux,
  • Operating systems concepts

Embedded Systems – Advanced :

This course is mainly focusing deep understanding in embedded systems. Most of the embedded systems training institutes in Bangalore will focus on Linux device drivers and data structures-queue, stack tree.
  • Embedded systems programming using Advanced C and Data Structures.
  • Algorithms.
  • Course on Linux and Networking.
  • Micro-controllers (8051 and PIC) programming.
  • Linux device drivers.
  • Embedded Linux on ARM9.


Internet of things, it’s coming to our everyday life .when the things are coming under the internet and there is no any human effort to send and receive data to a location and from so we can call that system is under IOT.
More clearly nowadays we are using smartphones, with which we can get the information about everything, yes..here everything means everything through the internet. We can watch movies, play online games, videos, music, banking over smartphones. Before smartphones, we were using cell phones with which we can call, text only.
So in the same way internet are using in other fields of industries. Then the new field came in embedded systems IOT.

Embedded Systems Training Institutes in Bangalore are giving training in IOT.

  • Overview of IoT and its high-level architecture
  • Setting up IoT workflow
  • Programming with Advanced C / Embedded C
  • using Arduino Micro-controller programming
  • Python Programming
  • Building IoT Application projects using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Protocols: HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, 6LoWPAN…
  • IoT Cloud Infrastructure
  • Performance and Security in IoT

Embedded Android System Development:

Nowadays a new field of technology from embedded technology is emerging with customized fields of Android operating systems is called Embedded Android Systems development. Even though we will feel like android is different for the embedded OS, but Android is actually an embedded OS it’s from Embedded LINUX. Actually embedded Android is a good choice for an embedded operating system if we are using for other than mobile devices which need a user interface or multimedia capabilities. Also, it gives a stable kernel, no issues of royalties or licensing and we will get a wide range of open libraries of open source code and device drivers. All these make an embedded system more approachable/accessible to developers and manufacturers.

Embedded Linux:

This course aims to produce students who can develop an embedded Linux system on low-cost yet powerful Arm based platforms.
After the course student will have the knowledge and understanding of
  • Embedded Linux operating system architecture
  • Linux-based embedded system component stack 
  • Linux kernel modules
  • System configuration and the boot process
  • Communication between kernel space and user space 
  • System debugging and profiling.
These are trending embedded courses in the industry. Students who are looking for a career in the embedded field they can select any one of the courses given above.

Future Scope on Embedded System

future scope on embedded system, embedded systems training in bangalore

Future Scope on Embedded System

The scope of the Embedded System is widely increasing day to day life. Present the Embedded software found the huge applications in telecommunications, defense instrumentations, railroad networks, consumer electronics, electronic payments, and smart card industry, etc. Like this, the embedded system applications are increasing rapidly day-by-day. Therefore, we will get a number of jobs in Embedded Systems.
Now-a-days, the usage of Electronic devices increasing rapidly, and can you imagine that the human person without a smartphone or computing device. The human person can’t survive without a Smart phone or computing device. Today, most of the peoples are connecting to each other with the help of Smart phone or Computing devices i.e here, Embedded system plays a major role in this applications.

The scope of Embedded systems in different technologies has more job opportunities in India other countries to like shown below.

  • IoT
  • Wearable Technology
  • Self-driving cars
  • Energy Systems
Based on these technologies there was a huge demand for professionals, expertise in Firmware (programming the hardware) and open source technologies like Linux. Also, most of the industries prefer candidates having knowledge in multiple domains. So for making good knowledge multiple technologies please join in the Professional Training Institue, Bangalore. You will get more and more knowledge in embedded systems course through institute only.
So to get the job in Embedded System you will be aware of these skills compulsory, this help to grab the better opportunity in embedded Technology
  • Knowledge in Digital Electronics and Analog electronics.
  • Good understanding of Microprocessor/Microcontroller architecture.
  • Working on Embedded C for the devices like 8051, ARM or any other.
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel and Operating system.
  • Any Scripting language Shell/Python.
  • Debugging tools like JTAG debugger, Familiar with Test instruments like CRO and Logic Analyzer.
  • Familiar with protocols like I2c, SPI, and UART.

A lot of career opportunities are available in embedded systems. Some of them are as follows:

  • Embedded Software Engineer (firmware)
  • System Software Engineer (kernel & RTOS)
  • Application Software Engineer (device drivers)
  • Software Test Engineer.
  • Embedded Hardware Engineer.
  • Embedded System Trainer.
  • Marketing & Sales Executive.
No doubt starting packages are not much high but once you gain experience of 3-4 years, you will get handsome packages and experienced embedded system developers have very high demand in India. With growth and advancements in the field of electronics, wireless communications, networking, computing, and robotics, devices around you communicate in many ways. Now everyone has to be changing to Embedded technology like Automobiles also changing their manufacturing mechanism to Embedded Technology like Self driving, Air Bags, Automated Brake System, Cruise control etc…
The different services offered by the Embedded Engineer are Embedded hardware Engineer, Embedded application developer, Embedded software engineering, modeling, and simulation, verification, and validation. So, on coming days everyone is looking towards the Embedded Development only and there will be going to have the huge number of openings in Embedded Technology. Now you all are prepared with a good knowledge of Embedded technology and immediately you can join in the Embedded Training Institute in Bangalore. After joined in this institute easily you can get the job.

Know More Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore:

Currently, a Huge number of embedded training institute is offering embedded system classes but all of them not offering dedicated classes. It means theory class only provided not go with the practical class. In Professional Training Institutes, we are conducting classes around 80% practical classes only So learned the embedded system in a short period beside have a one-month demo class. Join demo classes immediately

The Significance of Embedded System in IoT


The Significance of Embedded System in IoT

Let’s discuss the significance of embedded system in IoT (Internet of Things). Internet of Things connects embedded system towards the internet, so let’s understand the embedded system before going to IoT. Before choosing the embedded systems courses for your future career, you must aware about the significance of the embedded system in IoT.

Embedded system:

Embedded system is an electronic device, its combination of both hardware and software, the embedded devices perform the specific task for which they are designed. Depending on the applications the embedded device may or may not be programmed in our day to day life we will come across many embedded devices like mobile phones,
smart home controller, CD players, microwave oven and many more.
In this modern world, embedded systems are most attracted device due to some important factors like embedded devices are of very low cost. The power consumption is very low, the space consumption is very low so we can carry them easily.
The embedded boards are supported by different embedded controllers, which are developed using standard hardware and software units. Arduino is the most evolved embedded board, Arduino help to understand the embedded system boards and it also used in the Internet of things. The Arduino architecture is the combination of embedded Atmel controller family through particular hardware towards a board which has a built-in bootloader for plugs and run embedded applications.

Internet of Things:

Internet of Things and devices of IoT are mix with embedded systems and smart things through the internet with different IP addresses which were used to discover and communicate. Basically, IoT is Embedded Systems and elegant substance coupled to the Internet with the exceptional IP address which can be communicated on the Internet. These comprise Sensors external peripheral devices and actuators external peripheral devices. Internet of Thing is the most trending technology in this modern world, where using IoT we can easily control the embedded devices from any location and even from long distance. We can say Internet of thing is the device used transmit the information to people or from one device to other using the internet, the example of the internet of things are amazon echo, home automation, and security and many more. Internet of things have very good scope in the present world, we can say in future many IoT device will come which human life easier. it’s good to have the knowledge of IoT and embedded system and it is the very good flat form to work, so if anyone wants to gain the knowledge in embedded system and wants have practical experience in IoT can join the professional embedded training institute in Bangalore.

The Internet of Things devices can be divided into two broad categories. These are embedded controllers and Wearable controller. One of the examples of this is digital watches. Let’s see some of the important features of wearable devices are.

Better battery life:

As the IoT devices are able to work with very low power, so have the long life of the battery.

Easy to use:

The IoT devices are innovative products for easy to use and for the reality of services.


Contains the proper set of instructions in order to get the real-life examples.

Data security:

assist the devices, it assists as information related things as like to secure the mail applications, secure clouds, and secure browsers.

Easy Managing:

These things can be easily managed, in many applications, these can be handled through phones.
The best platform for embedded IoT is the Arduino. In this platform, users want to set Android through an Ethernet shield. These platforms work with serial communications and develop smart applications with this.
Raspberry Pi is perhaps the greatest thing to ensure in the Internet of Things. Broad series of data drive applications such as the compact disk servers, automation of home server; and file server can be built with the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has commonly used these IO pins like Arduino.
Intel Galileo is an extra platform by Intel which chains the Arduino Uno. It is the first Arduino compatible device of Intel devices.
Intel Edison is IoT platform incorporated Wi-Fi and BLE. It covers the place of industries with seventy pin interface. It supports some other platforms like node.js and Arduino.
Don’t get panic on embedded system courses with Professional Training Institute, It is very easy to learn in short periods.


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