Best Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineering Students

Best embedded systems Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineering Students

Best Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineering Students

There are so many different courses are available, you can go for any courses after completion of your engineering in Electronics and communication. It entirely depends on your area of interest and wishes you had during your degree and which work profile you want for yourself.

1. Embedded Systems Design:

Embedded system is a combination of hardware and software. You can choose an embedded system course if you are interested in embedded programming and thinking of perusing a career in this field. Choosing an embedded system course is a very good choice as it is a good job the area which merges the electrical engineering and computer science. Embedded course presently having a very high scope as embedded industry especially in it and raspberry pi is growing very fast. Doing a course is worth when you do it in well-embedded training institutes in Bangalore. You can search for best-embedded training institutes in Bangalore. You get the list of good institutes. You should be good at logical skills and You must have good knowledge. This is one of the most trending courses presently because Embedded has a wide range of opportunities in IoT, Raspberry Pi.


It is one of those courses which are chosen by students. It is a CISCO certified networking administrator course. The next level up gradation is CCNP. This course costs relevantly lower than other courses but the certification is mandatory for some companies.

3. Embedded Linux:

Embedded Linux is the best course to do, the Most of web servers and servers that provide services run the Linux. When you learn Linux, you will be able to recognize the way many of the servers you communicate with users. When you are trained at Professional Training Institute you will have an improved chance of finding a job as many companies require people with knowledge about Linux to control their servers. Most of the web servers run Linux. When you learn how to use the Linux you will have a good chance at becoming a web admin.

The people who are working under Linux are getting good and attractive salary package. Now a day’s, embedded systems are becoming more and more persistent, touching virtually all the aspects of our daily life. so, if you are very interested to make an embedded system as your career then Embedded systems training will be the right choice for you.

4. Embedded Hardware:

As we know the embedded system is a combination of hardware and software, it includes both hardware and software. So if you are interested in the hardware part, you can go for doing embedded hardware course. Hardware part includes the designing of PCB, circuit design and hardware testing and troubleshooting. Embedded hardware domain also so many jobs are available.

5. Embedded Testing:

Embedded testing involves both hardware testing and software testing, testing the embedded units like doing functional testing, PCB testing, generating the test cases and checking each of the test cases.

6. C Programming:

C programming is high programming language developed in the early 70s by Dennis Ritchie. C language is mostly used programming language; if you are good at c-programming you can learn any other language so easily. It is the base for all programming languages. So doing the c programming course is very worth. C programming language involves data structure, array, and pointers. Learning c programming help you in embedded system field, software development side. An Embedded Systems Expert will have to work on a modern processor, network, and sensor architecture along with their main work is to focus on analyzing and optimizing various embedded hardware design and software architectural programmer in an embedded system environment.

7. PLC and SCADA:

This course focuses mainly on the field of automation engineering. You can work in this field for development/maintenance or in industries. This field won’t restrict you to the electronics field only. In automation, you can also have a chance of working in mechanical industries also.

8. VLSI:

VLSI includes a great technology adds with the data which includes the deep understanding and good development of integrated circuits and it loads the data. And the least talked or joined course was is the VLSI course. As because this is the most costly among the core ECE courses but the future of VLSI is emerging and not a dead end profile to have right now i.e spending that much of money is worth if you want to work in this field. The above courses are the best options for you if you want to work in the field you studied for 4 years of the degree. So as an electrical engineer with your area of interest, you can do any of the above courses. You can join for good embedded systems training in Bangalore


Embedded Systems Role in Automobiles with Applications

Embedded Systems Role in Automobiles with Applications

Embedded Systems Role in Automobiles with Applications

In today’s world, most electronic devices are based on Embedded Systems. Recently, In Automobiles also everything is used with the help of Embedded Systems only and all the mechanical systems in the Automobile has been completely replaced with the help of Embedded Devices. Nowadays, Automobiles making the complete use of Embedded System, where ever the Automobile system is depending purely on the Embedded Technology only. Ranging from Mp3 control to complex anti-lock brake control and Airbag systems controlling will be done by the
Embedded Systems in Automobile. Embedded systems have a huge variety of applications that vary from low to high-cost consumer electronics to industrial equipment, medical devices to weapon control systems, aerospace systems and entertainment devices to academic equipment, and so on. Embedded systems span all features of our present life. The applications of Embedded systems are shown below.
  • Automobile: Airbag systems, GPS, anti-locking brake system, fuel injection controller
  • devices, etc.
  • Home Appliances: Washing machines, microwave appliances, security systems,
  • dishwashers, DVD, HV and AC systems, etc.
  • Office Automation: Copy Machine, Fax, modem, smartphone system, printer, and scanners.
  • Entertainment: Video games, mp3, mind storm, smart toy, etc.
  • Security: Building security system, face recognition, airport security system, eye recognition
  • system, alarm system, finger recognition system etc.
  • Industrial Automation: Voltage, temperature, current, and hazard detecting systems, data
  • collection systems, assembly line, monitoring systems on pressure.
  • Aerospace: Flight attitude controllers, space robotics, automatic landing systems,
  • navigational systems, space explorer, etc.
  • Medical: Medical diagnostic devices: ECG, EMG, MRI, EEG, CT scanner, BP Monitor,
  • Glucose monitor.
  • Banking and Finance: Share market, cash register, smart vendor machine, ATM
  • Telecommunication: Cellular phone, web camera, hub, router, IP Phone
  • Personal: Data organizer, iPhone, PDA, palmtop.


Today, a typical automobile on the road has computer controlled electronic systems, and the most
commonly used embedded systems in a vehicle includes,
  • Black box
  • Airbags
  • Drive by wire
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Telematics
  • Automatic parking
  • Satellite radio
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Traction control
  • In-vehicle entertainment system
  • Navigational Systems
  • Night vision
  • Backup collision sensors
  • Heads up display
  • Emission control
  • Climate control
So, the automobile industry is completely replaced all the mechanical parts with the
Embedded Design. There is huge applications from embedded systems in Automobile and recently
trying to implement the Self driving system also it is very helpful to the physically handicapped
and Old age people.
Various Embedded Products in an Automobile Car
For example, if you consider the Air bag system, it is an important safety device that provides an protection against accident. This system is works with the commands from the micro controller. If the sensors detects an accident, this micro controller operates the airbag system by operating alternator.
Embedded navigation systems, it is also an another advancement of the Embedded systems in automobiles in the navigational system using GPS system. This consist GPS receiver, a gyroscope, a DVD-ROM, map database, main controller and a display system. This will locate the live location of the vehicle and makes display the time estimated to the target place.
Satellite radio is an another application which provides radio service broadcast from satellites to automobiles. It is available by subscription and it is commercial free.
Adaptive cruise control is the another application, and it is useful to make driver less vehicle control in real-time by avoiding the accidents, this will be the better embedded products to be useful in the vehicles and this will allow the car to keep at the safe distance from the other vehicles. Each car has a laser transceiver or a microwave radar unit which is fixed in front of the car to find out the speed and distance of the any other vehicle in the pathway. This is works on the principle of Doppler Effect; it is nothing but change in frequency of the waves.
Embedded rain sensing system is the another application and this device will automatically detects the rain and it will automatically activates the windshield wiper. In this, an optical sensor is placed on small area of the front windshield glass (opposite to rear-view mirror). This optical sensor is placed at an angle to emit the infrared light which reads amount of light by it when the light is reflected back. This light is reflected in cases where the windshield is wet or dirty. Thus the optical sensor determines necessary speed and frequency of windshield wiper depends on reflected light into the sensor.

Drive by wire is an another application, where this system helps to replace the mechanical systems in automobiles with electronic systems using actuators and HMI(Human Machine interfaces) Components of the automobiles like belts, steering column, pumps, coolers, vacuum servos and master cylinders, hoses, intermediate shafts are eliminated.
Here, some of the major industries that help to develop these current trends in automobile industry
1. Atmel: Provides different controllers like ARM, 8051 Most of the body electronics, security, safety and automotive products are manufactured by them.
2. Texas Instruments: They provide different controllers, automotive control chips and DSPs to automobile industry.
3. Xilinx: Provides different CPLDs, FPGAs, and other application related cores for development of navigation systems, adaptive cruise control etc.
Silicon Providers, NxP, Analog devices, NEC, Renesas etc. are some other automobile industry. Now-a-days, there is huge openings on embedded systems with automobiles and every automobiles companies are replacing the embedded systems. So if any one want to growth your carrier in embedded Automobile so please join in good embedded System training institute. There is a top embedded training institute in Bangalore to provide the complete embedded system course. So, please join good embedded training institute and we are the Professional Training institute in Bangalore, we will provide you complete the Embedded system course in Automobiles.


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