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Job Oriented Course After Electronics Engineering

Job Oriented Course After Electronics Engineering -ptinstitute

Job Oriented Course After Electronics Engineering

Hello, Friend electronics and communication engineering are one of the evergreen branches of Engineering. A student who passes out from engineering does not have enough knowledge in the core field. If you want to do the job in the core field, the best ways to gain knowledge in embedded system to gain the knowledge you can join embedded system training in Bangalore.
If you are an Electronics and communication engineer (ECE/EE/EEE), then feel yourself as very lucky. You are having a tremendous opportunity for jobs. The main advantage of ECE branch is you can work in Core filed like embedded system, Embedded developer in R&D, Embedded tester, Embedded Device repairing, Embedded project development, Embedded C programmer, Telecom filed Networking. You can also work in technical marketing filed like embedded product marketing like UPS, consumer electronics products, Displays, video walls, projectors, IOT wearables, etc.
You may not be aware of which filed you can work. There are many fields in which you can work. So here we will discuss as many filed possible, but I want to say that there are many more filed is still possible you can get a job. This post is mainly cover where all ECE student can get a job. We will also cover in deeply all the pros and cons of those fields. So let’s start your journey called a career.

Embedded System Engineer:

The embedded systems engineer is the most promising job field in the current job field and in future also. For this job profile, the candidate should be good in programming and hardware side too. Candidate should be flexible in writing programs in C programming language, which most widely used in this field and by the knowledge or expertise in this programming language the candidate can work with any other languages which are used in this fields. The hardware side also should be good enough for the candidate. An embedded systems engineer develops the programs with respect to its hardware components. So the candidate must know how to read and understand the data sheets of required components and to develop.

For the best start in this field, it is better you join embedded training. With the course in the embedded system, you can full knowledge of the subject, it will help you get in the job. For training, you can choose Best embedded systems training in Bangalore.

Embedded C Developer /Firmware Engineer:

Another job field for the electronics and communication engineers can choose is embedded c Developer or firmware engineer. Where they will develop source codes for the requirement. For this profile, the candidate should be good in programming languages especially c language. Training programs towards embedded c development are available in the industry. Where the candidate will get the training in c language and will be able to develop the program for microcontrollers or microprocessors.
Students who are not that much interested in the hardware side can go with software development section in the embedded field. There are a lot of embedded systems training institutes are available in Bangalore and other cities in India. You can choose the top embedded training institute in Bangalore.

Linux Internal and Linux Device Driver

Nowadays there is much more application of the Linux operating system. Many companies are started using Linux as an operating system for their product. Being knowledge in Linux Internal and Linux Device driver it will defiantly be going to help in your career.
If you don’t know what is Linux Device Driver then, Hardware device functionality we can control through a program is called device driver. The career growth in this field is very high because in embedded field and in any other electronics or computer science filed we make use this field. What is the importance of making device drivers in Linux platform? Since most of the kernel is working in Linux because of its bug-free nature. So to get a job in this competitive field is get well trained from good institutes to sharpen your skills.
Salary in this field is very high. There are a lot of training institutes are available in this field to give the training. You can join the embedded course in Bangalore and find out embedded course cost if it matters you most, but the salary in this much-much higher than the training cost.

Embedded Hardware Engineer

Embedded hardware engineer designs and performs on the tiny chips what we called microcontrollers or microprocessors. They are not only working on the chips they will work on the required things which can help the chips to work as a system. They will design the hardware board required for the product and so on. Persons who are interested in the hardware or who is not that much keen about software jobs can choose this field. For this field no training institute available. In this filed normally companies higher fresher then give training according to company need. If you still want to join some course to start your career as hardware engineer then you can join embedded system Bangalore.

Embedded Tester:

This field also same as software testing. Embedded software testing is the testing of embedded systems. Embedded software is tested for their performance, consistency, quality and it will get validated as per the requirements of the client.
For the testing field job, the candidate should be aware of Automotive Embedded, Black Box Testing, System Testing, Test Engineer, Unit testing, White Box Testing, and HIL Testing. Knowledge in these fields can easily achieve through a training program.

PLC/SCADA Programming:

Programmable Logic Controller or PLC is a computing system these are used to control electromechanical processes. SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is also another type of industrial control system which is used to monitor and control facilities and infrastructure in big industries.

Students can take a training program in this field and can show their skills in this field of programming. This field is mostly working towards instrumentation field. So students who are more interested in electronics and instrumentation can choose this field. But the jobs in this filed is limited and now a day embedded the system is taking over the jobs related to PLC SCADA.

Due to limited jobs and shrinking, the filed salary in this field is very low as compared to the embedded system. Moreover, the engineer working in this filed does not work in the development, the main job is to do the configuration of the PLC device.

Telecom Installer:

This field of job requires some physical work from the employee. It involves the installation and repairs of the telecommunication devices. There are few training institutes which provide knowledge in this filed. Becoming a telecom installer is also another option for ECE job seekers. But the comparison with other above-mentioned jobs it will give less average salary and opportunity to learn new things. Due to telecom completion, this file is now a day having low demands.

RF Engineer:

Radiofrequency engineer is one of the core field jobs. The detailed training program in this field is not much popular duration can be 4-5 days only. Candidate should know about RF planning, cellular networks such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS.HSPA+, LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro, 5G, mmWave, Radar, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE/BT5.0, Zigbee, Satellite Communications, VSAT, two-way radio, Public Safety, testing, and simulation.

They also have to work on wireless systems also. Lack of skilled persons making this field more demand. In this field, jobs are less but the salary is very high. If you want to do jobs in this field then you need to direly apply to the company which is working in the field of telecom.

Networking Admin

Every company must have computers/Laptops when man computers are coming together and using the internet then we need some methods through which they can connect together.
Not only computer connectivity there are many more things that network engineer do like server maintenance, data security, VOIP connectivity, etc. Network administration is a job highly demands job in the industry. Because they will install, support and manage all the computers and networks in the companies which will ensure the flow of data or work is going without fail.
There are a lot of training programs and certification courses are available in this field to get the job. But there are a lot of trained peoples there in the field so the perks of the job are getting reduced. Each and every company need a network engineer. So trained resource candidate in this is having a very good career opportunity.
You can easily open your own company in this field, and earn huge money.

Technical Marketing:

Technical persons with good communication skills and the ability to impress people with their new product can have a bright future in this field. To become a technical marketing person the candidate should at least have good communication and thorough knowledge in the respective field. There is no specified training program in this field. But then also we can get some training on the marketing side.
If the candidate doesn’t have that much passion towards development area they choose this field as it is easy to get comparatively other development jobs in the core fields.

Equipment Installation and Maintenance Engineer:

Equipment installation and maintenance won’t demand that much from the technical side. The candidate should be aware of the company products and mainly how to install those. This field also doesn’t have any proper training program from outside. Because it mainly depends on the company products and it will change from company to company. Other benefits in this field comparatively lesser than developments. If the candidate wants to change his field to develop it will become a little hard for them.

Technical Contains Writer:

It’s a huge demanding field as every product development companies once they develop the products they need technical content writers to describe their products, it’s usage, maintenance, etc. (for product manual). This field requires good writing skills and knowledge in the products. We can’t take any training program in this field but then also we do to improve the writing skills in the required language.

Engineering College Faculty:

This a good choice for the people who are more interested in teaching. Who has good teaching sense? We can’t give any training to this field as it is somebody’s skill to make students get understand. Candidate should have a thorough knowledge of the subject for this profile. But the salary in this filed is limited.

Non-Core Jobs:

Software testing, Java developer, Big Data/Hadoop/AWS:

Though these jobs are technical these do not core jobs to ECE field. These jobs easily available in the market and number of training programs also available. Though these are easily available the benefits and growth in this field are less because in this field the number of students is getting trained in each year because of less training fee, a number of institutes, etc.

Non-Technical jobs Like BPO, Tele-caller:

Training is on the job only, no institutes are giving training for these. But people can take training in for their language improvement. These jobs will have a pretty good salary in the beginning but once the employee gets experienced then the higher posts will be highly filtered because this field is huge in a number of employees. So the increment in the salary or other benefits will become saturated once they got experienced. The ratio of growth will get slow compared to other development jobs.


There is a huge opportunity is available for ECE student, but the most promising field is embedded system development. There are many embedded system ideas which are yet to come out from your mind, once you have a clear idea about the product then you can start making them. Embedded system training cost is much lesser than any other training in the core filed. Once you do training then you can easily get a job in embedded filed.
The advantage of working in core filed is no other branch can come and replace you in the future. In all other filed it will be very easy to replace you, so in the future, you will get less salary. In core embedded filed nobody can replace easily. Choosing a profession after ECE is difficult. Then we should think about our passion or interest in each field. Once you determined to operate in one field try to get good training in the same. It will help you in the future to secure a good position.



Latest Technologies in Embedded Systems

Latest Technologies in Embedded Systems, embedded systems training in bangalore

Latest Technologies in Embedded Systems

Hello friends,
Embedded system is the ever-green buzz in industries, unlike any other field in embedded the system also we are having many developments every day. Technology is every day changing, the embedded system is also in the same boat.
Today here we are going to discuss Latest Technologies in Embedded Systems, that is changing the world. Anybody who wants to make a career in the embedded system should be aware of the latest development and advance technology entered into the embedded system.
So let’s explore the latest technology.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  3. IOT
  4. Cloud Connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh Networking
  5. Machine learning/Deep learning
  6. Multi-core Processor technology
  7. Sensor technology
  8. Safety and security
  9. Networking and communication

Some of the Latest Technologies in Embedded Systems

1) Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is also known as Machine Intelligence, and it is demonstrated by Machines. Artificial Intelligence is covering that how computers can make decisions as well as Humans. Artificial Intelligence is a research that defines that the study of “Intelligent Agents” and that agent should make their own decisions based on the situations. A machine can act and react like a human.
Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, computer controlled Robot and a software intelligent thinker its similar to human thinking. The word Artificial Intelligence comprises of two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial refers to something which is made by the human or non-natural thing and intelligence means the ability to understand or think. Here, an agent is an anything that can be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon the environment through effectors. A human agent has eyes, ears and other organs for Sensors, and hands, legs, mouth and other body parts for effectors. Here, the Robotic agent substitutes Cameras and infrared range finders for the sensors and various motors for the effectors. A Software agent has encoded for its percepts and actions.

2)Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Virtual reality(VR) is a way to create a computer-generated environment which can be explored and interacted by a user that make the user into a virtual world. The definition of ‘Virtual’ is near and ‘reality’ is what we experienced as human beings. So, the term ‘Virtual reality’ basically means ‘near-reality’.
Augmented Reality turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world. Augmented reality continues to develop and become more passive among a wide range of applications. Augmented reality uses the existing real-world and puts an virtual information on top of it to enhance the experience. Whereas, the virtual reality makes users making an entirely different environment altogether as a virtual one.


IoT is an Internet of Things and it involves extending internet connectivity over different devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The devices can communicate over the internet with Embedded technology. The ability of data transfer over the network without the requiring human to human or human to computer interaction.
Nowadays, the IOT application will rapidly increase very highly. These IOTs are being established relating to Automobiles, home appliances, medical and care, transportation and industrial purpose. An IoT is a Web-enabled smart device that uses embedded processors, sensors and communication hardware to collect, send and act on data from the environments. IoT will perform in our daily life applications such as automatic door locking system, automatic power management, automatic vehicle speed management etc,

4) Cloud Connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh Networking:

Cloud connectivity utilizes several quick connections and security protocols that facilitate to Leverage data storage, network, computer, and user interface. Initializing cloud connectivity and employing it to transform a business is a difficult task.
The cloud connectivity solution providers ensure that they are improving the time to market and total cost of ownership. Cloud connectivity provides fast, secure, and reliable private connections to public cloud services. It will provide reliable, low latency network performance and simplified scaling of all services.
Bluetooth mesh networking is a protocol based upon the Bluetooth low energy that allows for many-to-many(m:m) communication over the Bluetooth radio. Bluetooth technology is a secure wireless connectivity and also supports the mesh networking. The mesh capability enables many to many device communications and is optimized for creating large-scale device networks and it is ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks, and tracking solutions. It is a low power radio technology.

5)Machine learning/Deep learning:

Machine learning is a major application in Artificial Intelligence that provides the ability to learn automatically and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed, it is mainly focused on the developing the computer programs, that can access the data and learn it for themselves. Machine learning always tried to increase the accuracy but it doesn’t not about the success but in AI always tried to increase the success, not accuracy.
Machine learning is the ability for computers to learn and act without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is a branch of science that deals with programming the systems in such a way that they automatically learn and improve with experience. Here, learning means recognizing and understanding the input data and making decisions. Algorithms are developed for making all the decisions based on all possible inputs. There are two ways for analyzing the Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • The first is a grouping of algorithms by the learning style.
  • The second is a grouping of algorithms by a similarity in form or function.
There are many ways to implement machine learning techniques, however, the most commonly used ones are supervised and non supervised learning.
Supervised learning deals with learning a function from available training data. There are many supervised learning algorithms such as neural networks, Support vector machines(SVMs), and Naive Bayes classifiers. Mahout implements Naive Bayes classifier. Basically here the input data is called training data and it a known label or result at a time.
Whereas Unsupervised learning makes sense of unlabeled data without having any predefined datasheet for its training. Common approaches to Unsupervised learning include:: K-means, Self-organizing maps, and Hierarchical clustering. whereas Unsupervised MachineLearning, input data is not labeled and does not have a known result.

6)Multi-core Processor technology:

Multiprocessor core processor is a single computing system which will perform multiple operations parallelly means this processor contains two or more processing cores. These cores will operate as an individual to boost the performance without raising the clock range and reducing the heating problem. This Multi processor will provide higher performance without driving up the power consumption.

Most modern systems have at least two cores(Dual Core) or four cores(Quad Core), six core(hexacore) or eight core( Octa core) Processors. By adding the multi-core processors, these boost the substantial performance over a single CPU.Intel AMD both have the Quad core processors. Nowadays, everyone showing interest and implementing the Multicore technology only here Multiprocessor core technology is widely used many applications like General

Purpose, Embedded domain, Network domain, Digital signal processing(DSP) and Graphics(GPU).

7)Sensor technology:

Sensors are the devices that are frequently used to sense and respond to electrical or optical signals. Usually, the output of the sensor will be in the form of an electrical signal or an optical signal. Sensors are devices that measure the physical parameters (for example Speed, temperature, humidity, sound, light, and pressure) and converts them into signals which can be which can be measured electrically. Here, the data such as pressure, light, and the temperature is an analog data and this data will be converted into Digital signals (because the processor will understand the digital signals only) by using the ADC converters.
In our daily life, we use different types of sensors in various applications such as LDR sensor, PIR sensor, the infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor and temperature sensor etc.
For example,
  • The temperature sensor(LM35) is used for measuring the analog output voltage(in Celsius)proportional to the temperature.
  • DHT11 and DHT12 are used for determines the humidity and temperature values serially with one wire protocol. The DHT11 sensor uses a resistive humidity measurement component and NTC temperature measurement component.
  • IR sensor is an application for wireless communication, the IR sensor will emit a visible light but it is not visible to our human eyes. The electromagnetic spectrum band for IR rays will be in the range of 300GHz to 430THz. IR communication is used for short and medium communication.
  • Ultrasonic sensor generates the Ultra-sound waves. When this Ultra-sound will hit an object, it reflects as echo which will be sensed by the receiver.
  • PIR Sensors will be used to emit the heat in the form of infrared radiation into their body also called as thermal radiation.

8)Safety and security

Security is one where the features are inaccessible to unauthorized users, therefore the system will be protected. While safety needs to be secure the systems. Safety and security is the major one for protecting the data and technics which was developed from the other developers and hacker.
Nowadays, everything has gone to hacking easily that why our embedded technology is looking for good security and safety. So while designing any system we need to take care of the security mainly. If you design any product without security, this product will be copied by another company by adding some more features. So it is important for designing any product with security.

9)Networking and communication

Networking consists of two or more resources and is used to share the data and exchange the files.mainly in systems networking will be used to share the data in between the multiple systems. Networking is a protocol which used for distributing the packets in different paths to obtain the fastest response and reducing time consumptions. Here so many networks will be used such as LAN WAN MAN WLAN
LAN means Local Area Network which occupies less area and in that certain area, it will share the data in between the resources. It is generally limited to a geometrical area such as school, lab, and building.
WAN means Wide Area Network which occupies large area such as a world or countries etc, here the main example is the internet the data will be shared throughout the world within a second.
MAN means Metropolitan area which occupies the large area when compared to LAN system and less area when compared to WAN such as cities and data will be shared in a certain area that some cities or places. MAN network will be used by some companies to make their own infrastructures.
WLAN means Wireless Local Area Network which is based on LAN with wireless Wifi network.
Communication is a mechanism of data transferring between the resources and there are using different communication techniques like serial and parallel communication. SerialCommunication means the data will be transferred from source to a destination in a single way. While the parallel communication means the all the data will be transferred at a time in a different way. Here, the number of bits is equal to the number of transmission ways.
Where some of the serial communication used in the Embedded systems are CAN Protocol, I2C protocol, SPI Protocol, USB protocol.
I2C means Inter-Integrated circuits protocol which was originally developed by Philips Semiconductor. I2C is a serial protocol for two-wire interface to connect the devices like a microcontroller, Memories, A/D and D/A converters, I/O interfaces and other similar peripherals in embedded systems. In this protocol there available one Master and multiple slaves to data transfer.
Serial Peripheral Interface is a Synchronous Serial communication and it is used for short distance communication. SPI was developed by Motorola in the 1980s.
USB means Universal Serial Bus and it is used to transfer the data from source to destination
through serially.

Best Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore

India as a growing country, we have a lot of opportunities in Embedded field. Places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida..etc have a lot of embedded training institutes. In the case of Bangalore, we have a lot of opportunities to get trained in embedded courses in Bangalore.  Engineering graduates who are passionate to make their career in embedded systems, who is planning to join embedded training institutes in Bangalore they will well be trained from the institute. For this reason, students have to grab the best Embedded training in Bangalore as well as the latest technologies in this field by these institutes.

Advantages Of Embedded Systems

ADVANTAGES OF EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, embedded courses in bangalore

Advantages Of Embedded Systems

An Embedded system is an electrical system it is combination of both hardware and software. At presently embedded system is in growing stage. Embedded systems are used everywhere. They can be found in vending machines, cameras, mobile phones, in vehicles like airplanes and cars and in many toys we can find embedded system. Embedded systems can be also used in medical supplies and industrial machines and in agricultural. Furthermore, they are found in architectural applications commercial.
Embedded system are like a small computer, they can do same task which computer are doing with many more advantages. Here we are listing the advantage of embedded system as a embedded training institutes in Bangalore.

Some of the Advantages Of Embedded Systems:


The size of embedded System are very small as compared to computer/other computational products. Embedded products are designed for particular application, and the components required to design these products are very less so the size of product will be small. Mainly the Embedded products are mantes for one task. Embedded product do only one task in their life time. So the size of embedded system is very small. This is the great advantage of Embedded device.


The power consumption by embedded devices to operate is very low. Unlike personal computer is powered up with 230 V AC and consume approx. 60 W of power, embedded system are powered up with 3.3 V/5 V / 12 V. Total power consumption of embedded system is less than 1 W/ or similar.

Real time Device:

The embedded devices are also called Real time devices, as the response of the embedded devices is very instant. Real time means, embedded system will respond to the action at very minimum time. Consider the airbag system, in case of accident, airbag has to open in shot time duration, this is possible with the help of real time embedded system. There are many application where device has to respond in real time, like missile tracking system, mobile
switching device, network switching device.


The operation performed by embedded systems are more accurate as they are designed using the advanced software’s. Accuracy of embedded device is the key factor to perform its operation correctly, consider a device like insulin injection pump, amount to insulin to be injected must be accurately calculated and injected, and any mismatch can lead to impact on human life. Similarly we have many critical system which need to have accurate measurement, and calculation.
The embedded devices can be interfaced with other systems. As embedded systems are designed in simple format so it is very easy to use embedded devices. And they can be easily handled.


Since size of embedded device is very small they can be carry many embedded devices wherever we want. Even many embedded device working in a cascade mode, so any number of device can be cascades. Devices are portable.


the price of embedded devices is very low as compared to other computational devices. That make prominent used of embedded device in multiple application. Modern controller is required very less external component so the price is further low.


Normally embedded systems do only one task at a time, so it loads very faster from Chip or FLASH memory. So the speed of embedded system devices is very high. Even the multitask controller is very fast it works with the speed of GHz so that it will finish task in Nano seconds.
Embedded system is having many advantages it will defiantly a great device which help everyone like Industries, student, college, company. Embedded system is having many job opening across the globe, Even in India embedded system is one of the best field to work. This is the safest place to work for women and man. But any fresher will only able to enter into job when he/she is having best knowledge in embedded system. Best knowledge can only we

About The Best Embedded Training in Bangalore:

We at professional training institute committed to deliver best embedded training in Bangalore through practical embedded system. Our unique teaching method focus on practical and hands on training to student, so that
they are able to fact any kind of interview in embedded system.
So come and explore the new possibilities.

How to choose your career path?

How to choose your career path?

Wow, this is a nice Question. As per embedded systems training in Bangalore, there is two type of peoples, how to choose their career carefully and spend full life with it. The other type of people keeps thinking why they doing this job, they always want to change their job, their fields. jobs/field changing story never ends even after changing job. Why? At the other end people who choose their career by taking the conscious decision they day by day, step by step in their life. Why?

See answer is simple, once we able to think what we want to do in the future, or what makes us happy then we can spend full of our thinking and thoughts into our work. When give our full attention to any work, day-night, walking- sleeping then defiantly slowly, step by step we conquer the subjects. once we have held on our subject then Freedom of life begins. We will become from thinking like – what will happen in future? what I will do in future, how will be my career?

So once we have a deep understanding of our subject become free, Moreover if our career is also in the same field then we become Wow.

whatever said it is from my own experience, as I am Embedded professional and offering embedded systems courses in Bangalore. Working in the development of new embedded products. When I started my career that time I was also thinking which career I have to choose? what I have to do in the future? I want to choose the career such that I will not have any problem of job in future and My salary/income should keep growing. When I did some self-analysis I found that I enjoy doing something real and visible work. So I decided to work in the Electronics field. Now I am having around 15+ years of experience in Embedded field. I started own Training Institute because I love teaching, I entertain my student and many difficult concepts I explain them in an easy manner. I really enjoy my class and my teaching methods. Our students are also happy and able to give their 100% learning. So together I and my student are able to achieve 100% placement records till now.

If you are an electronics engineer and you don’t know how to build your career in Embedded filed you discuss with us, for other peoples can I say just find out what you like? what you can do in future and feel? it is not about one time, it is about day-by-day till the end of life.
Hope it will help you in some manner.
So best of luck for your future – Professional Training Institute.

Scope of Embedded Systems

scope of embedded system, embedded training institutes in bangalore, embedded systems courses in bangalore

The Scope of Embedded System

Applications of embedded systems have increased over past years. Multi-core technologies are being developed and are now in great demand across the various industry. As an embedded training institute in Bangalore, we discuss the scope of embedded systems.

Many students are not aware of opportunities available in the field of Embedded systems. Most graduates go after the IT industry to seek the career. The reason may be lack of awareness. Many students may not across the name Embedded Systems or they may not be aware of what is an embedded system, what knowledge and skills required to build a career in the field of embedded systems, which companies are working in this field.

All leading companies are working in Embedded field. Some of them and the products are given below

Siemens-They make products in the field of automation industry, medical electronics. They are radiology machines, scanner, Doppler, cardiograph machines.

Samsung – they make mobile phones, consumer electronics like a washing machine, microwave oven, television, air conditions etc. This the embedded device will be made of a microcontroller, its associated hardware, and software for intelligent temperature sensing.

Bosch – makes all automotive products.

The main field where Embedded System is used are as follow:

1. Automotive

Automotive technology is a program of study that focuses on mechanics and technology that drive today’s vehicles. In automotive systems, more equipment is being changed from mechanical systems to electronic systems.

Embedded system is the heart of a vehicle’s electronic system due to its versatility and flexibility. Revolution of electronics has manipulated in automotive design including fuel combustion, powertrain crash protection, etc. Advanced use of the embedded system in a vehicle can help in controlling pollution, increasing the facility to provide systems monitoring features that consumers demand. The embedded system is an integral part of automotive safety systems, that may be an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, automatic four-wheel drive.

Application of Automotive Embedded: Embedded Airbag System, Embedded navigation system, Embedded Rain-sensing system, Embedded Based Automotive Parking System, Music system, Equivalent control, GPS, anti-locking braking system, fuel injection controller device.

2. Aerospace/Avionics

Embedded system is essentially a black box that performs functionality for the application system.

Application of Aerospace Flight attitude controllers, space robotics, automatic landing systems, navigational system, space explorer.

3. IOT

IOT is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to the growing network of physical objects that feature an address from internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other internet-enabled devices and systems. In other words, IOT is nothing but devices connected to the network wirelessly to the network have the ability to transfer and receive data. Is a method of controlling appliances automatically for the convenience of users. This makes life easier for the user and saves energy by utilizing devices based on requirements. Controls can be as basic controlling lights with a remote or as complex as setting up a network of items in the home that can be programmed using the main controller or even via cell phone from anywhere in the world or by voice control.

Sensing Requirements: Designer needs to decide the sense required to perform the specific task. One should also need to assess the sensor specifications required for different needs and usability in different environments. Below is the sensor that is commonly used
1. Thermostats can be used to control air conditioners, refrigerators, geysers, heating system, or in case of fire.
2. Humidity sensors sense the moisture level in the environment.
3. Gas sensors can be used to detect gas leaks.
4. Light sensors can be used to detect the luminous intensity in the house.

Information provided by these sensors is used by the processor to make several important decisions regarding the appliances and when to switch them ON or OFF.

Most commonly used devices in IOT application are Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. The networking, communication, and protocols used to depend on the IOT application. There are many communications protocols like MQTT, CoAP, DTLS. Wireless protocols include Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy.

Application of IOT smart home, smart city technology, security system etc.

4. Industrial Automation

All products that we use in our day to day life are all embedded products. Embedded is been growing in the field to automation.
Application of Industrial automation is voltage, temperature, current, hazard testing system, data collection system, assembly line, monitoring system on pressure.

5. Medical

Embedded system is becoming a great interest in the medical field. Due to the Embedded system, everything in the embedded system has become too simple operation all have become too simple. Patients hospitalized needs constants attention, that can happen using the medical embedded system. The sensors give data regarding patients health, such as heartbeat and these signals are sent wirelessly to doctors.

Most recently products are manufactured in the medical field that is IoT based patient health monitoring system over the internet and another one is Heartbeat monitoring system

Application in Medical field Medical diagnostic devices: ECG, EMG, MRI, EEG, CT scanner, BP Monitor, Glucose monitor.

6. Telecommunication and Networking

Embedded systems become more complex and should have knowledge in various disciplines such as electronics, data processing, telecommunications, and networks. This choice is easily justified by the fact that embedded systems are today massively communicating and that telecommunications and networks constitute the main sector of embedded systems.

Application in Telecommunication and networking are the Cellular phone, web camera, hub, router, IP Phone and etc…

7. Security and Safety

Nowadays Embedded system is used for Security safety system. Many Embedded security products are coming to market which we are using in our day to day life. In many homes, they are using the safety locking system. More advanced products are also there like face, eye recognition system.

In your mobile, many safety secure features are been introduced like safe pattern lock system, the more upgraded feature now we can find in mobile is fingerprint recognition for security not only that advance camera are also there.

Application in security and safety Building security system, face recognition, airport security system, eye recognition system, alarm system, finger recognition system, etc.

8. Defense

Embedded has deployed products in the military field. All products are available in extending operating temperature versions, all of them provide high-performance networking features and power-efficient performance. Embedded has deployed products in the military field. All products are available in extending operating temperature versions, all of them provide high-performance networking features and power-efficient performance.

They have designed single board computers that are used in military applications including UAR controllers, fire control system and ruggedized routers. Signal board computers are available such as PMC and PC/104 which are commonly used in military applications. Also, their small customs form factor boards that are used in application such as UAVs. Application of Embedded system in Defence like manufacturing of Drones, satellite monitored LASER.

9. Agriculture

Today farmers are required to harvest maximum from small land. Hence field required something remarkable like embedded system. Farmers need to have the sound understanding of climatic conditions and need to change farming process depending upon climatic changes.

In the upcoming days’ main aim of this system to solve labor issues by coming up with robotic which will help farmers in farming. Currently, many countries developing driverless tractors using real-time kinematic and GPS that would be effective and cost-efficient to use in farmlands.

At the Embedded World 2013 shows using Smart Farming as an example- will demonstrate how the interaction of machines in the cyber-physical system operates safely and securely.

10. Consumer Electronics

Some company like Samsung, Bosch manufacture many consumer electronics products.
Application in the field of Entertainment Video games, mp3, mind storm, smart toy, television, air condition, washing machine etc.

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Types of Embedded Systems

Hello friends,
Embedded system is the ever-green buzz in industries, but as understand with my few recent communication with many students even few working professionals does not know about the embedded system. Here I will explain what is embedded system? What all are the types of embedded system? Where you can get a job in an embedded system? What is the job opportunity in an embedded system? How you can learn the embedded system? and etc.
So what is embedded system? This most common question asked by our student. Embedded system is a combination of Hardware and software.

Types of Embedded Systems:

The combination of hardware and software in a system, we can call as the embedded system. In any electronic system, it requires a hardware platform which is made by a microprocessor or microcontroller. The Embedded system hardware consists of the user interface, Input / Output interfaces, display, and memory, etc. Usually, an embedded system consists of following elements which are shown in below figure.

embedded courses in bangalore

Embedded system can be classified into different categories based on their performance, requirements for the operation, the performance of the microcontroller.

Types of Embedded Systems, embedded systems training in bangalore

Embedded systems are classified into 4 categories based on their performance and functional requirements.

  • Standalone
  • Real-time
  • Networked
  • Mobile

And based on their performance of microcontroller this field is again subdivided into

  • Small-scale
  • Medium scale
  • Sophisticated

1. Standalone:

In this category, systems don’t need any host like a computer. It can work on its own. It will receive the inputs through its input ports and calculate it and gives the output through output ports. Examples for this types are a microwave oven, digital camera, DVD players, etc..


These type of embedded systems will give the output in particular time. All these works will finish within the deadline of time. Examples for this, we use real-time embedded systems in avionics, railway, ships, traffic control for highways, automotive etc.


These type of embedded systems will receive the resources (data as inputs and output) by using a network. It can be LAN, WAN or internet, wired or wireless. This is the fastest growing working field. The embedded web server is a system wherein all embedded devices are connected to a web server and accessed and controlled by a web browser. Example, Home automation using LAN networking.

4.Mobile Embedded Systems:

Mobile embedded systems we are using in everyday life. Embedded devices like cell phones, mobiles, digital cameras, mp3 players and personal digital assistants, etc. are the examples for this field. One of the limitations in this field is its resources and memory.

5. Small-scale:

By using the battery for power supply and 8/16 bit microcontroller we can develop small-scale embedded systems. For developing software for small-scale embedded systems, mainly we needed programming tools are an editor, assembler, cross assembler and integrated development environment (IDE).

6. Medium Scale:

These types of embedded systems design with a single 16 or 32-bit microcontroller, RISCs or DSPs. These types of embedded systems have both hardware and software complexities. For developing embedded software for medium scale embedded systems, the main programming tools are C, C++, JAVA, Visual C++, RTOS, debugger, source code engineering tool, simulator, and IDE.

7. High-end embedded systems:

These types of embedded systems have enormous hardware and software complexities that may need ASIPs, IPs, PLAs, scalable or configurable processors. They are used for high-end applications that need hardware and software Co-design and components which needed to assemble in the final system.

Based on above classifications, here you can find different fields of embedded systems.

Embedded Systems in Smart Cards, Missiles and Satellites

  • Security systems
  • Telephone and banking
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Communication

Embedded Systems in Consumer Electronics

  • Digital Cameras
  • Set-top Boxes
  • High Definition TVs
  • DVDs
  • Etc..
In here see some applications
  • Embedded System for Auto Intensity Control
  • Embedded System for Industrial Temperature Control
  • Application of Embedded System for War Field Spying Robot
  • Speed Control Unit Designed for a DC Motor
  • Thyristor Power Control with IR Remote
  • Three Phase Solid State Relay with ZVS
  • Auto Power Supply Control from 4 Different Sources: Solar, Mains, Generator &Inverter to ensure No Break Power
  • IOT Based Energy Meter Reading Through Internet
  • Internet (IOT) of Things based underground cable fault distance display using GSM
  • Electronic passport system using smart card
  • Patient body temperature monitoring remotely using Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Power saver for street light using high sensitive LDR managed by Arduino
  • GSM based prepaid energy meter
  • Automatic meter reading system using Zigbee
  • A notice board display system using voice commands using an Android phone
  • Home automation using voice commands
  • Solar based electric fencing system to deter cattle
  • Embedded System for Detecting Rash Driving on Highways
  • Embedded System for Traffic Signal Control System
  • Application of Embedded System for Vehicle Tracking
  • Application of Embedded System for Home Automation System
  • Thyristor Controlled Power for Induction Motor
  • Lamp Life Extender by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching).
  • Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics.
  • Industrial Battery Charger by Thyristor Firing Angle Control

Embedded Systems in Automobiles and in telecommunications

  • Motor and cruise control system
  • Body or Engine safety
  • Entertainment and multimedia in car
  • E-Com and Mobile access
  • Robotics in the assembly line
  • Wireless communication
  • Mobile computing and networking

Embedded Systems in Peripherals & Computer Networking

  • Displays and Monitors
  • Networking Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Network cards and printers

The above applications are covered in the small area of real-time applications. But nowadays embedded is one of the most widely used applications anywhere in the world. We all know that these systems are extremely fabulous systems that play important role in many devices, equipment’s, industrial instrumentation and home appliances irrespective of circuit complexity.

For understanding, we will explain some of the fields here.

  • Automotive
  • Automotive
  • Home automation
  • Industries automation
  • Medical
  • Defense/aerospace
  • Consumer electronic
  • IOT
  • Networking
  • Telecom
  • Navigation/fleet management
  • Artificial intelligent / machine learning

There are 1000’s of applications of the embedded system, few of them are

  • Embedded System for Detecting Rash Driving on Highways
  • Embedded System for Traffic Signal Control System
  • Application of Embedded System for Vehicle Tracking
  • Application of Embedded System for Home Automation System
  • Thyristor Controlled Power for Induction Motor
  • Lamp Life Extender by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching).
  • Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics.
  • Industrial Battery Charger by Thyristor Firing Angle Control

Embedded Systems in Automobiles and in telecommunications

  • Motor and cruise control system
  • Body or Engine safety
  • Entertainment and multimedia in car
  • E-Com and Mobile access
  • Robotics in the assembly line
  • Wireless communication
  • Mobile computing and networking

Embedded Systems in Peripherals  & Computer Networking

  • Displays and Monitors
  • Networking Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Network cards and printers

Embedded Systems in Medical domain

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Life support system
  • Ventilator
  • Pulse monitor
  • Insulin injector
  • Blood Testing Equipment’s

Embedded Systems in Industrial Automation

  • Process controller
  • HMI display
  • PLC Device
  • Automatic Temperature controller
  • Automatic Roti maker

Embedded Systems in Home Automation

  • Automatic temp controller
  • Voice controller Lights
  • Door locks, video wall

Embedded System in Navigation/Fleet Management

  • GPS-GSM navigation device
  • Vehicle monitoring system
  • Kids tracking system


  • Real-time air pressure monitoring device
  • Pacemaker
  • Home automation and real-time monitoring

Embedded Systems in Aerospace/ Defense

  • Missiles control
  • Flight control/ Autopilot
  • Satellite navigation

Embedded Systems in Power Domain

  • Power factor correction
  • UPS/Invertor/ Online UPS
  • Auto switchover device
  • Load Control
  • Streetlight control

In Each field there are many companies are working worldwide, of the famous companies are BOSCH, Continental, Tata Motors, Mercedes, Rockwell, Honeywell, happiest mind, Toshiba, Alstom, UST Global, L&T, Linkwell telesystem, Aptiv, Continental, Infosys, Wipro, sasken communication etc.

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